Welcome back! This is the first post of many in which I will share artwork I have done in the past that didn’t quite make the cut for my portfolio, but are nevertheless important and helped me to get to newer, more exciting ideas. This one is simply called Time. A multi-media work made with acrylic paint and cold-war era news clippings, this was my attempt at bringing old news to the forefront of new political discussion. Time is a parody of Time Magazine, which is a news magazine in circulation since the 1920’s. This, paired with the altered headlines that I added (some of which are not visible in the image shown) serve to convey the idea that war is often portrayed in a very grandiose manner that does a disservice to the general public. Depicting something as ugly and destructive as war is dangerous; it teaches impressionable minds that war is the best solution to any major disagreement, as opposed to a necessary evil only when unavoidable. While the message I hoped to express with Time was certainly there, I did not include it in my portfolio because I believe it needs more time and attention before being added to my main body of work. That being said, I am still very glad that I created this, because every artwork is a learning experience, whether or not it turns out the way I want it to.

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