Hello all! I know this is a crazy time right now with everything surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. With millions around the world isolated inside their homes (myself included) , I thought now would be a good time to share about some projects I am working on during this extended time indoors. As you can see in the photo, I am used to creating iterations of my works as they come to me. This piece, taken from my “Last Man” installation, is just one iteration I have done in the past. Because I have so much more time on my hands right now, however, I find that ideas for artwork are coming to me much slower. I am sure many artists can relate to this feeling; being unable to go outside for extended periods of time can sap my creativity. However, it also forces me to come up with more and more ideas, no matter how ridiculous, to keep my brain occupied. Right now I am excited to say that I have three separate, new projects in the works! I am currently working on an album cover, a sequel to “The Great Escape”, and a large watercolor. I plan to have photos of these up on my Instagram page soon; in the meantime, I hope everyone is able to keep themselves occupied while under quarantine, and that you all can get the medical care you need. Stay healthy and safe!

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