I’ve always been fascinated by the details in life; those little pockets of beauty or curiosity that most people don’t see or bother to look at. Maybe that’s why I continue to love creating in small sizes. I think it forces the viewer to look with intention– to engage more consciously. There are extremely large works of art that I admire greatly, don’t get me wrong. But I love taking something big and forcing it into a smaller space, to be examined more closely. That is what I’m doing with these miniature buildings. They are only a small portion of the buildings I have made and want to make in the future; I plan to make much more indefinitely. Made from paper and painted with acrylic paint, these buildings are my way of showing the beauty of architecture in relation to each other, and not in the context of large size as they are normally viewed. Each is cut from one piece of paper, cut and folded to create a 3D building. My favorite part of the creation process is trying to figure out how to do this with increasingly complex shapes. I am also focusing on colors and how the colors of each building interact with the next, when shown side by side. The buildings are meant to be viewed together as a whole. However, the small sizes help the viewer focus on appreciating each construction individually as well. What I love about this project is that there are so many buildings, but each are interesting to look at by themselves. When it is finally finished, my goal is that the audience will want to spend as much time as possible searching for all those little pockets of beauty in each tiny building as I enjoy doing in everyday life.

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