Artist’s Statement

Color is one of the most interesting parts of creating art. Its detail inspires me more than anything else, and painting people in these contexts brings me so much joy. 

The figure, color, light, and shapes are all formal interests central to my work as I attempt to capture how I see things. Often, I play with a mix of strong color, hard-edged shadow-shapes, and softer blending techniques to emphasize contrast and push a visual hierarchy. Precision is equally important, bringing sometimes chaotic or unfinished ideas into focus.

All of my work is meaningful, but it often begins with an aesthetic vision as the focus, and may take on a concept as it progresses. While I certainly paint with conceptual purpose, formal qualities are equally important to me, if not more so. The time I invest in my work imbues meaning into it, enhancing whatever conceptual notions I am exploring at the time. 

Ultimately, my work explores relationships. Relationships between shapes, color, scale and space — between my observations of this detailed world and the feelings they activate. I love sharing my perspective in such tangible ways and ultimately, I want to use the creative brain that God gave me.