Artist’s Statement

I spend a lot of time observing — appreciating the nuances of color, color relationships and their interaction together.  The bright morning sun casting shadows on my friend’s faces, or the gentler orange streams through my window at sunset, or the bold stripes of red and green on a painting next to my bed– all of these moments spark a kind of joy in my life that nothing else can do, inspiring me to create. 

The figure, color, light, and shapes are all formal interests central to my work as I attempt to capture how I see things. Often, I use strong color and clear, hard-edged shadow-shapes to emphasize contrast and push a visual hierarchy. Precision is equally important, bringing sometimes chaotic or unfinished ideas into an orderly visual language.  

While I certainly build my work with conceptual ideas in mind, formal qualities are equally important, if not more so. Even if the nuances that appear in my work are not always readily apparent, they may observe the care, thought and soul I put into every piece. The time I invest in my work imbues some sort of meaning into it, enhancing whatever conceptual notions I am exploring at the time. 

Ultimately, my work explores relationships. Relationships between shapes, colors, scale and space — between my observations of the world and the feelings they activate. I love sharing my perspective in such tangible ways and finding new ways to express it.